How to Truly Enjoy Your Life

Photo by Steve Halama on Unsplash

Photo by Steve Halama on Unsplash


What does this word mean, really? 

I invite you to sit down with me. And think for a moment... 

  • If enlarge means to make something larger. 
  • If enable means to make someone abler.
  • If encourage means to give someone courage. 

Then Enjoy must mean to make something joyful - to give something joy. 

Enjoy then, is like the daisy you hold in your 3 fingers. You can place it on the hair of a child. 

So when you say "I don't enjoy my work/ my marriage / my life." It's good to know all you're saying is: "I don't give it joy. I haven't made it joyful."

When you know so, you can ask yourself why.

"What is stopping me from giving joy to it?" 

Then you can follow that question within. 

Maybe you don't know that you're the source of joy. 

Maybe you're suffering. That suffering part of you is standing at the door, blocking joy from coming through. Because you're meant to heal the wound first.

So the point I'm trying to make is 

Not to search for things, people, or experience that you think you'll enjoy. 

Because you either enjoy everything you have at this very moment, or you enjoy nothing at all at every moment. Because, you know, this moment is every moment. We only live here: in the Now. 

The point is to remove the barrier of joy inside you. So the river of joy can flow from the inside out. 

Flow to the dishes you wash after dinner, the emails you write at work, the subway ride each morning, the juicy bite in the flesh of a pineapple wedge, to the daisy you hold in your three fingers - middle index and thumb. You place it on your own hair.  

Then you can whisper to yourself: "Here I am, just enjoying my life."