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Milena Nguyen believes that each of us was born with unique gifts and purpose. In order to be fully alive, we must choose to claim our gifts, embrace our purpose, take actions to create the life we want and make the difference we are called to make.

Milena Nguyen is a published author, 3-time TEDx speaker, and professional coach on Confidence, Life Purpose, and “Personal Branding with Soul”.

(Milena dislikes boring titles. So she prefers calling herself a Life Alchemist, Storyteller-in-Chief, Ambassador of Self-Love, or Nap Enthusiast.)

Milena’s blog and social channels has gathered and influenced a global following of 40,000+ people.

Her 1-on-1 and group coaching programs have empowered clients in 11 countries, 3 continents, with the confidence, strategies, and tools to create the life they want, live their purpose and make a difference.

A true global nomad and lady-freedompreneur, Milena has travelled and worked in 25+ countries.

She has spoken in 8 countries, including 3 times on TEDx, on how to - cultivate confidence - create a purposeful & passionate career/business - blaze your own trail, break stereotypes, live free (as an Asian woman) - nourish well-being/ vitality - build an impactful & authentic personal brand.

She has appeared on national TV, newspaper, magazines, and radio shows in Vietnam and abroad.

Milena completed her Professional Life Coach training at the Martha Beck Institute, United States. (Martha Beck, named Oprah Winfrey’s go-to life coach, is one of the world’s first life coaches.)

She was the first Vietnamese to be selected for the Global Leadership Team of AIESEC - the world's largest youth-led organization for youth leadership development.

In her free time, Milena enjoy hugging trees, contemporary dance, writing poems, painting, and playing with her cat.

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Have you ever felt like a bird?

You’re meant to fly. But you’re stuck in a cage. And no matter how hard you try, you can’t get out?

That’s how I’ve felt for most of my life.

I was born, raised, and educated in Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam. As an Asian woman, I remember being told what to do, what to want, how to behave. I felt the painful pressure at home, at school, and the expectation from society. It was too much for an introverted sensitive girl.

So, for decades, I struggled with depression, anxiety, insecurity, low self-worth. Despite all my effort to “fit in”, I never felt that I belong.

At work, I exhausted myself to prove to others that I was good enough. Because deep down, I never felt I was. In relationships, I always dated the “wrong” guys, and walk away from men that were good to me. Because I didn’t felt I was worthy of love.

Because I didn’t love and value myself. I slowly destroyed my body, my mind, my emotions. There were months when I had to lie down to work because of back pain and migraine.

Thankfully, in early 2014, I had an awakening. For the first time in my life, I acknowledge the truth: On the outside people think I have everything. But on the inside, I had nothing.

I had a clear intuitive feeling in my gut: I must begin to find my True Self.

I said YES to that voice. And that YES changed everything.

I embarked on a journey to come Home to my True Self.

In that journey, step-by-step, I dropped my social “masks”, healed old emotional wounds, built self-worth, find self-love, explore my heart desires, my passion, soul-purpose.

I consciously cultivate relationships, a career, health, and lifestyle that reflect my full potential.

Right now, I’m grateful to say that I’m living in The Sweet Spot where love, success, and freedom meet.

I’m married to my Soulmate, have a kitten named Sesame.

I have a freedom career where I make an abundant living doing what I love and believe in. My book, blog articles, videos, TEDx Talks, sharings, workshops, events, programs... have reached tens of thousands of soulful women and heartfelt men around the world.

Whenever I pause to take a look at my life, like what I’m doing right now, I’m speechless and moved my what Life has given me.

For me, it’s not about having a perfect life.

It’s about becoming whole.

It’s about putting all the gifts you were given by the Universe into good use.

It’s about breaking free from all the things that hold you back from fully experiencing this one short prescious human existence.

And it’s about waking up each day knowing in your heart that you’re living a life on purpose.

So I’ve said another YES.

YES to the mission to help as many women as possible to reclaim their True Self, their True Powers, too. So they can love, work, and make a difference at their highest potential.

I believe that when women are healed, we will heal the world.

Are you one of them?

The cage’s door is open, beautiful bird.

I’m here, flapping my wings, beckoning you to come out and play.

Time to fly.

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