Career vs. Love: The Struggle of Modern Women | TEDx Talk

Quick note:

In this talk, I express my love for the women of my generation. 

I shared what I learned in the past years of helping women in their relationship. I also revealed what I found out through more than a decade of trial and errors in love. 

This is my 3rd and latest TEDx Talk. Yet, it's the one I felt most nervous about. I want to thank my husband, and the love of my life, Raphael. Thank you for being the biggest supporter of my pursuit in this world. Thank you for not "settling down", but instead, being on this journey with me to constantly set us free. 


   Why are there so many driven Gen Y women struggling in love and relationships? Where does the "Career vs. Love" battle come from? 
How can we get out of loneliness, get off the emotional roller coaster, and get the love we deeply want? 

   Milena Nguyen explores this growing social phenomenon by story-telling, brings clarity to the real problems, shows the driven Gen Y woman 4 simple steps to start building real love. 

   Milena Nguyen is a master coach, author, speaker, and global social media influencer. Milena's incredible love story with her husband inspired 300,000 lovers all around the world. Through her work, Milena is carrying out her mission of helping 1 millions Gen Y woman to find their super-powers, build Real-Love, and create the life their hearts desire.

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