A Woman's Search For Freedom - TEDx Talk

Once again, I can't bring myself to watch the recording of my own TEDx Talk - even if it's the second time. 

Like my first TEDx talk, I revealed so much of myself that I felt I was up there on stage under the spotlight showing you my bare skin, while I whisper through the crack of my wounds "Here I am... Would you take me as I am?" I don't know if you would. But there's one thing I know. I was telling the true story of my life, nothing less, nothing more.

The story of a woman who refuses to give up her freedom. The story of a bird who refuses to stay in her cage. The story of lost, and pain, and break down, and stand up, and setting free. 

This is my story.

Would you listen to it? Would you take me as I am? 

(click above to watch)

After you watched this video, I deeply want to know: What is real freedom for you? Why does freedom matter? And what can you do to break free?

Write back to me in the comment. 

Much love,