27 Things I Learned From 27 Years On Earth

Hey my soul friend, 


I'm writing these words on the morning of my 27th birthday. 

Here I am standing on the balcony of my apartment. I placed my notebook on top of the balcony wall. The sun is rising on my back. I stood facing the horizon with hundreds of skyscrapers from afar. 

I'm on the 16th floor. Below me is the big avenue, with hundreds of cars rushing on the road like blood cells rushing in the vain. 

This morning when I opened my eyes to meet the ray of sun streaming in my bedroom through the white curtain, I was overcome by a sweet realization: I have lived on this planet earth for 27 years. 

I know that I'm not my body. That I'm a pure spirit having a human experience. My soul has learned much in the last 27 years of being here. 
This list of "27 things I learned in my 27 years on earth" is how I celebrate my life, and how I show my gratitude towards all the experiences that had passed through me. 


27 Things I Learned in 27 Years on Earth

1. Buy only the things that give your heart true joy. 

2. Many times, the best thing to do to solve a tough puzzle is to take a nap.

3. Don't work "hard" to succeed. Work playfully, work restfully, work wholeheartedly. 

4. Your body is the only piece of the earth that you inhibit. It's your safe home. Live inside it. Feel it. Love it. Take good care of it.

5. Your parents love you; they express it in their own language. You must use the ears of the heart to hear.

6. When the flower blossoms, the bee comes. So don't run around looking for love. Focus on your blossoming. 

7. Love flows in 2 directions: inwards and outwards. Learn how to receive. 

8. Your soulmate is the one who helps your soul evolve. You'll do the same to his soul. Treasure it, for the soulmate connection is the greatest gift of this human life. 

9. What others think about you - everything they do and why they do it - is their freedom, and is none of your business.

10. You don't need to impress anyone. You don't need approval from anyone. The best thing you can do with another human being is to be you and to follow your calling. So you give them the permission to do the same.

11. Walk away from people whom you feel sick around. It's good for them. 

12. The only person you can save in the world is the one you see in the mirror.

13. Life will unfold beyond your wildest dreams. Allow it to happen for you. 

14. You know you're trying too hard when you have no time to watch the sunset and when you want too many chocolate croissants.

15. At some point in your life, anything you do can categorize into 2 types: "familiar & small" or "unfamiliar & big". Go for the unfamiliar.

16. When you feel lonely, sit with a tree, talk to her. She knows.

17. The page is your greatest sounding board. The pen is your most loving friend. The pen will hold your hand. The page will beckon to listen. You tell them your stories and secrets. And you'll see. They always listen, receive, accept - all of you.

18. When you think there's no beauty around you, close your eyes, take a deep breath. Close your eyes. Think of the face of someone you love. Now open your eyes. Look again.

19. You need to open your body for the force to breathe life into you. So breathe. Breathe deeply. 

20. Place your hand on your chest. Can you feel your heartbeat? It's love. Right there.

21. You'll spend your whole life to discover what lie within you. 

22. You're here to heal yourself. As you do so, you'll find yourself healing others, and healing the whole earth.

23. Create. Make Good Art. Good Art is made with 4 things: a loving purpose, the honesty of your voice, the fervency of child play, and the patience of the practicing artist.

24. Your soul is whispering "I have a mission for you..." Be quiet. Listen. 

25. The universe sends you to earth with a gift that is uniquely yours. Your job is to offer this gift for as long as you're still here. 

26. Find your Child-Self and your Envisioned-Self. Your Child-Self is the most innocent, intuitive part of you. Your Envisioned-Self is the you who's living her greatest potentials. You need them both to dance your way towards your calling.

27. You'll never feel ready for the ocean while you're standing on the shore. So set sail. Set sail now. Be guided by your vision. Be energized by your heart. And let your sail be filled by the wind of your awakening.


After I had written that list, I felt amazed. I learned so much!

Those 27 lessons, I did not learn them intellectually. 

I learned them through my stumblings, through heartbreaks, through falling on my face and crawling up, keep on walking. 

Those 27 lessons, I still need to remind myself each day. So my past can pave the way for my future. So my future can be blessed with new and different learnings.  So each day I can wake up feeling that I was born yesterday. 

I hope them inspire you to look at your past with gratitude and look inside your heart with wonder. 

Searching for the lessons you already know. 


P.S. Tell me. Among the 27 lessons above, which ones touched your heart the most? And why? Leave your thoughts in the comment below. I can't wait to read all about it.