3 Things I Learned About Following Passion - Talk

2 weeks go I was at FPT University as final round judge and guest speaker for English speaking contest Eloquence. Such JOY!

Loved everything: the students' raw enthusiasm and energy, the candidates' nerve and shaky voice, and also their courage to overcome their fear... 

They reminded me of myself 8 years ago- also a final round candidate of a English speaking contest - stood on the stage, squinted my eyes under the stage light, dry throat and tried to keep my heart from bursting out of my chest. What a hell of a time... :)  

FPT students invited me to talk about Passion. So as a Passion Follower - here are 3 things I learned. Hope this help you. xo 

P/S: In my tour to Da Nang & HCMC this May, I'll teach Art of Being Human: my best course on self-discovery, answering the "Who am I?" "What's my passion?" question. If you want to find the answer, let's meet! :)  

some great moments