Each of Us was Born to Do Something



I believe each of us was born to do something. Something fills our chest with happiness. Something great in our own definition of greatness. 

25 years-old, I’m glad I know what I was born to do. Not everyone is born to teach. Not everyone is born to heal. Not everyone is born to build a bridge. Not everyone is born to fly a helicopter. Not everyone is born to fly a kite. A kite-flyer may not want to fly a helicopter. A helicopter flyer may not want to fly a kite. But if she fell in love with the thing she flies and dare to fly it - helicopter, kite, even paper plane - she has found her own sky - her own place in the universe. She knows herself. And that’s what matters. 

A new season started last week at my learning centre. I’ve taught 18 classes in the last 9 days. I work 12 hours a day from 6:15AM when morning class starts till 7:30PM when evening class ends . When I don’t teach I write book, review old program, create new program, meet with the team, meet with partners… Doing what you love for a living does not equal leisure. Not at all. It equals a lot of work. Hard work and heart-work. But if it's what you love - what you were born to do. Work is play. 

This is me playing every morning: I wake up at 5 and be at Soulful Garden at 5:45. I turn on ambient music, and the calming tune lightens my steps. I lid 3 tea-light candles, put it in front my small wooden statue of the elephant lord Ganesha. I pour in the diffuser 3 drops of cinnamon essential oils. I roll out yoga mats, one by one. Then I sit on my mat, close my eyes, and listen. To the footsteps of my students walking up the narrow stone stairs. To the sound of them taking off shoes and jacket, coming in the class through the tall white door. My heart is like that tall white door. I keep it open for them to step in. I smile, happiness flowing in my chest. Teaching is I was born to do. 

I was born to teach. I was born to help others to be free in their body, mind, and soul. So they can fly. I’m here to help them to find their sky. 

What about you? What fills your chest with happiness? What were you born to do?