How to Be Brave When You Are Not

I’ve just come back from Malaysia after speaking at an AIESEC event in UTAR campus, Kampar. It was absolutely beautiful event with 300 students all looking for a positive change in their life. I was the last speaker and the only female. After other speakers talked about the big actions, about being incredibly courageous, about taking the leap of faith; I strongly felt that I wanted to share a slightly different perspective.

One of the speakers I admire very much said that if you don’t believe 100% in your dream, you are never doing to achieve that. But what can I say? I don’t believe in my dreams all the time. There are plenty of moments when I felt that I am doomed and my dreams were totally out of reach. But still, I lift my baby foot and I put it forward.

Big changes in my life are not because of taking the leap of faith, jumping off the cliff, or risking it all. Big changes in my life happens thanks to taking little baby steps on the edge of possibilities. It is not about breaking my limits, but about respecting my limits, stay right where my limits are, and because of doing so, transform my limits. I stand on the edge just long enough to expand the edge. And then the next day choose to stand on that new edge long enough to expand it a little more.

I do that everyday until my edge expands to the horizon where my dreams already happened.

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