5 Powerful Questions to Help You Find Your Passions


I receive many emails asking “How do I find out what I love doing?” I believe that whoever sent it to me, deep down in their heart, already know the answer. 

They need some quiet moment to ask their heart the right questions. Then wait for the answer, while staying patient, curious, and kind. Their hearts would undoubtedly talk back. Mine did. Here are 5 questions that I myself used to discover my passion. Maybe they’ll help you to discover yours. 

What would I do if money were no objects? 

I know about this question long ago through Alan Watts - the revolutionary thinker and educator. A lot of us have this illusion that money will bring us happiness. From my own experience, and from watching many of my students and clients, I can tell you that it’s just not true. That’s why the mission of the world greatest companies and entrepreneurs are never about: “Making as much money as possible”. It’s always about changing the world, or giving something to humanity.  They also understand that giving value is the only way to make money and stay happy doing it. 

Besides, we can also go bankrupt, or stuck with a mediocre life doing what we don’t like. So why not take a chance on doing what we love. 

What would I do if I have all the money, talent, love and support I need? 

Guess what, the “if” part of the sentence is correct. You have all the money, talent, love and support you need to do what you love. So what’s stopping you?  

When someone comes to me and say: “I love doing this, but I am not [___] enough.” (Fill in the blank). Honestly, I don’t care what’s the excuse, I don’t believe in it at all. Not that I think they lied to me. I just know they’re lying to themselves and believing in it. 

You may sit there and think “I’m not talented.” It’s just a thought floating in the screen of your mind. It’s not the truth, absolutely not the reality. 

Many people take the “I’m not enough” excuse, so that they don’t have to feel bad about not taking action. Are you falling into that trap? 

It’s better to admit “There’s just no excuse. I was plain lazy.” Than “I didn’t do it because my mother didn’t support me.” 

If you have a very negative friend who look at the world in such a distorted way, you won’t believe in everything she says right? Your mind is like that troubled friend. So know the difference between a negative chatter and the truth. 

Choose to believe that you already have the money, talent, love and support you need, right now, to BEGIN. Maybe you won’t build a technology empire tomorrow. But you’re always enough to start a small project in your parents’ garage. That’s how Steve Jobs started Apple anyway. 

What would I do if I cannot fail? 

You cannot fail. For me, failure doesn’t exist, neither does success. I don’t believe in them. They are just different outcomes of my actions. (I know many people, including me in the past, achieve big successes but constantly feel that they’re failing.)

We get better at something by doing a lot of it. And we can do a lot of something only when we love it. The moment we stop judging everything we do with a measuring stick, we free ourselves from both pressure and fear. And from that freedom, we reclaim the power to do, and to get better at doing, what we love. 

What would I do if I’m not afraid?

You can call me crazy but I want to incept in your head the idea that “You are not afraid. You have never been afraid. And never will be.” Yes, even when your palms sweat, your heart pound, legs shakes, even when you feel so nervous you want to go to the toilet.

Call me crazy if you’d like (you’re not the first anyway.) 

There’s a difference between “I’m afraid” and “I’m experiencing anxiety”. The first is not valid because it’s clearly that I am not made of fear. Looking at my photographs when I was little, I see a bundle of joy, beaming with the confidence of innocence. 

When we believe in a negative thought, we allow it to trigger an emotional experience called fear or anxiety. In fact, anxiety is very similar to excitement. 

Next time when you experience anxiety, try saying to yourself “I’m experiencing anxiety. I’m made of love, not fear.” And then you can enjoy your pounding heart, as waves of excitement rush over you. 

Think about it, quite exquisite. 

What would I do if there were nobody left on Earth for me to please, to perform and perfect for? 

This question changed my life. It came to me one morning in Bonn-Germany, 2 years ago. You can find the full story here. The question free me. Before that point, I did everything I could to please other people so that they would love me. The moment I stop trying to please other people, and begin to focus on what I love, I gave myself the love I need. 

It’s like begging door to door for some some stale bread. You risk having door shut at your face. And you’re always anxious about getting starved. However, you have unlimited food at home, and you can cook. 

It sounds crazy isn’t it. But it’s how we go about on Earth. All we need to do is to go home, roll up our sleeves, cook something, do what we love. 

Soulfully Yours, 


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