Bird Cage - "Two souls fell in love..."


This story was inspired by Paulo Coelho "The Bird and the Cage"



Once upon a time, there were two birds. They were both born with radiant, glossy feathers, vigorous wings and a beautiful chirping voice. Each time they spread their wings, they would soar into the air, gliding over the tallest sycamore in the admiration of other birds. They both loved to fly to far off mountains and green meadows. They brought great joy to other creatures wherever they visited through their cheerful songs.

One day, they saw each other. “I have never seen anything so gorgeous!” they both thought. They praised and adored each other’s beauty. And when they flew together for the first time, oh did they make the wind envious!

They fell in love.   

They sang together in perfect harmony. They flew side by side for hours upon hours in beautiful ease across the azure sky. The sun seemed to shine brighter; the wind seemed to blow higher. They wanted nothing more than being together.

One day, they began feeling afraid that if they ventured too far into the distant mountains or green meadows, they may never find each other again. The fear grew stronger as they fell deeper in love.  

So when they found a cozy cage, they decided to make it home. At first they were thrilled; they had everything they ever wanted: being together happily ever after.

However, something strange started to happen. Because they didn’t need to charm each other, they began to feel bored. Because they had given up what they were born to do, their wings weakened; their feathers faded; their chirping became sorrowful. 

Some nights, they still dreamed about the azure sky, the sycamores. Some nights, they still dreamed about the distant mountains and the green meadows. And one night, in the summery breeze, they died.



Their story became a song, sung sometimes by birds in the forest: “Two souls fell in love. And they both went off to die." This story is the first part of an entry about how to balance between love and dreams. It was published separately on purpose Continue with the rest of the entry here. (published on 18 Sep)   - - - Photo Credit: linda yvonne