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One-on-One Coaching for Driven, Heart-Centered Women

I work exclusively with heart-centered, open-minded, mission-driven women who're hungry for real changewilling to invest in themselves, and committed to a deep transformational journey.

My genius is to help you build unconditional loving relationship with yourself; reclaim your self-worth, passion, and purpose in life; master your thoughts and emotions; make empowered decisions.

So you can love, work, and make a difference in this world at your highest potentials.

I only take on a handful of 1:1 clients every year & my programs are by referral & invitation only.

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Tu Anh.png
Though I had been leading the kind of ‘healthy life” for years, I never had any break-through. I hardly felt peace or fully understood the meaning of the word “happy”.
The most wonderful thing happened to me since I embarked on this journey is that I get to know how to establish a connection to my animal body, to listen and to ask questions… to come back and stay right here, in the moment, inside my body.
I’m enjoying the whole transformation process with Milena. If you are at the stage of deciding whether or not to walk on this road, I would encourage you to put it into action.
It has been the most wonderful education experience I had so far in my life.
— Tu Anh - Manager - Thailand
Thanh Nguyen.png
I decided to join the programme and consider it a self-investment. I must say that I am so proud to be in the programme. The investment really pays off!
Milena was the light when I was in the dark tunnel. She shares with me the light but gives me enough space to do the journey on my own. Her approach is simple yet so powerful. As a coach, she doesn’t give me lengthy theory but modifies the content based on my personal state. She is very direct and open to sharing her own practical experiences.
She has enlightened me about self-love which makes me feel endlessly fulfilled and empowered to actually live and thrive.
If you are looking for a life-changing experience, I highly recommend you to work with Milena. It’ll change your life forever.
— Thanh Dang, Healthy Lifestyle Advocate, Yoga Teacher, Vietnam
Hang Dinh.png
I grow from being a mentally unstable and fearful girl into a thriving girl who accepts life as it is and blossoms in the garden of love. The things that Milena and I work together with lay down a concrete foundation for me. Spiritually I grow, which turns out to be a growth in health and wealth. What I love about Milena’s coaching is the combination of science-based methodology, customized assignments, and the sharing of her experiences.
— Hang Dinh, Project Manager at iAngel, Entrepreneur, Vietnam
Khor Kang Xiang.png
Milena has coached me through different aspects of Life from finding my soul, communicating to people with heart, doing sales, and running the business. I strongly recommend her as your coach, if you are looking to find your true self, improving self-confidence, self-love, self-clarity, and soul in life.
— Dr. Khor Kang Xiang, CEO & Co-Founder - Techcare Innovation Sdn. Bhd., Malaysia
Quang Nguyen.png
My leadership journey would not be the same without Milena as my coach. Every conversation with her is a pause in my busy life and it always leaves me with powerful insights. I strongly recommend this experience to everyone. The time spent with Milena will make personal transformation seamless.
— Quang Nguyen, President - AIESEC in Vietnam, Vietnam
She is a generous and giving coach who trains the self-worth and self-love in her coachees. I was amazed also by how she uses meditation in her coaching program. Her sessions nurture my heart and give insights to my mind.
— Dr. Lumi Butuc, Speech writer, Public Speaker, Toastmasters Intl., UK