Milena is a coach, speaker, and writer. She has spoken at TEDx 3 times and is considered a global online influencer with nearly 35,000 followers on her social media channels. 

Her first book "10,000 Miles For Love - How to Turn Long-Distance into Long-Lasting" will be published in June 2017. 

Her talk - including 2 times TEDx, video, blog, Facebook posts reach tens of thousands young people in 100+ countries worldwide. Her stories and thoughts are frequently featured on notable newspaper and magazines.

In 2015, Milena founded Soulful Garden Yoga & Wellness Center in Hanoi. There, she'd led many courses on meditation, yoga, art therapy, and personal growth. In Vietnam, her online Yoga courses and wellness training are sought after by individuals and companies.

Milena shows excellence and leadership of self and others early in her life. She was President of AIESEC Hanoi and then Vice President of AIESEC Vietnam. In 2011, Milena alone fund-raised USD 2500 in 4 weeks to join AIESEC International Congress in Kenya. In 2013, she was the first Vietnamese joining the global leaders' team of AIESEC - world’s largest youth-led organisation for leadership development. After ending a very successful AIESEC term in The Netherlands, she came back to Vietnam to carry out her life mission.

Milena is an avid reader and learner. She practices yoga, meditation, and various art forms including writing, dancing, painting, drawing. She is happily married to the lover of her life in 2016 - after 4 years of fighting for their Long Distance Love.