Day 5 - Tuning In - 21 Yoga Days

I want to tell you a story of Buddha. Walking through the countryside, Buddha was approached by villagers because they were amazed by his incredible present. One of them asked: "What are you - a god, a deity?" "No," Buddha replied. "Are you a wizard or a magician?" "No," Buddha said. "Are you a man?" "No," Buddha again said. "Then what are you?" asked another villager. Buddha replied: "I am awake." 

How did Buddha awaken? By tuning in - turning his attention inward and connect to what happens in the inner world.

Attention is crucial in our yoga practice. Physically, it reduces risk of injury and helps our body open with ease. Mentally, it calms and detoxes our mind. What a wonderful thing! So roll out your mat. Let me guide you through. 

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