Day 2 - Loosen Up, Open Up - 21 Yoga Days

What? We're in Day 2 of 21 Yoga Days, my dear! Time to Loosen Up, Open Up!

I recorded this video in my studio Soulful Garden Hanoi, right after teaching a morning Yoga class (6:00 - 7:15 AM - please clap for my students!)

Please excuse my HAIR. It's those moments of the month again when the hair just doesn't want to cooperate. :P 

Anyway, perfectionism is a curse. The video is imperfect, I'm imperfect. But hey, I decided to show up anyhow. Because it's not about me (or my hair) it's about YOU - or better - it's about US. Our journey together, our ride to wellness.

Ready... Set... GO! 

P/S: Have a suggestion to make our journey even greater? Have a burning question? Let me know in the comment below!