Day 21 - Be Yoga - 21 Yoga Days

And ladies and gentlemen, men and women, dude and dudettes... Dear YOU - YOU, who are stubborn enough to follow through with me till now... It's Day TWENTY-freaking-ONE! 

By now you must've already guessed that it's an active rest day.  So I want to celebrate our journey - and say farewell to you - by offering some nuggets of personal wisdom on: 

- What is yoga? 
- How yoga benefits your total being (body, mind, soul)?
- What does "practice" really mean in Yoga practice? 
- How to make Yoga a habit in your life? 

I wished someone told me this stuff when I began my yoga practice. I needed to figure it out by myself and it took a lot of time. So here's your leverage to a great yoga journey. 

Deep stuff alert: I'm gonna get pretty deep in this video. Thus I'll show my Milena deep face. So bare with me. :D 

P/S: You may be wondering "What's next after 21 Yoga Days?" Well, I'm wondering the same thing. There are many possibilities and I'll let you know real soon. Meanwhile, if you have any suggestion, feel free to comment below. See you in the next video. 

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