Day 18 - Be Flexible - 21 Yoga Days

Day 18 my love: Be Flexible. Today's practice ask a lot of patience, self-love, and self-forgiveness. Flexibility routine shows us the limitation of our body. We think of limitation as something ... well... limiting. But I want to flip that over a little: what about seeing our limitation as a friend who shows us where we can grow, on the mat as a yoga practitioner, off the mat as a human being. 

It took me many years to learn that what transforms my limitation isn't aggressiveness and rigor. What transforms our limitation is patience, self-love, self-forgiveness. "Can't touch my toes. It's fine. I forgive myself, I love my limit. Let's send love and attention to it." Limits are just parts of our body asking for love.

I know you have a lot of love, (and if you insist that you don't, here, take from me.) Let's give it to you. 

* behind the scene: 

   Day 18 came one day later. You may have noticed. I've worked so hard teaching at Soulful Garden, launching the tour to Da Nang and HCMC this may, writing my book, at the same time recording and editing this series (thank God with the help of my partner Talia).
   It's a delicate game: doing the work you love enough to feel fulfilled; doing the work you love too much that you end up not loving it any more. Or perhaps better put, it stops loving you because it becomes an obsession. I pushed the pause button in the last few days in order to breathe and just be.
   That's why Day 18 came late. I hope you understand. <3 (and I hope the song I sang to you at the end made up for it). There are few more days, the final sprint for you, the final sprint for me too. 

sharing = loving