Day 11 - Twist & Tox - 21 Yoga Days

Tik tok tik tok... The clock is ticking. The day is passing. Meanwhile as we go about our day, eating, talking, doing stuff our body is accumulating lots of toxin from the food and the environment. 

So Day 11, women and man... we're gonna wring it all out! Twist & Tox because when we do Twisting postures, it's also DeTox time. Twisting wrings our organs to make bad stuff comes out. It also helps tone our core and relieve our spine. Let us begin! 

* Behind the scene: Today's video comes out a little later than usual because I've been really busy busy with several projects at a time. However my promise is as firm as steel. We won't miss even a day in our 21 Yoga Days journey. Love, xo 

P/S: I'm going on TOUR!!! Can you believe? I still can't. Anyway it's happening this May in Da Nang and Ho Chi Minh city. Want more info? Check out