Day 7 - Whole Day Yoga! - 21 Yoga Days

Whole... what?! Yes Whole-Day Yoga! Don't run away! Watch the video below to know what it means. ;) 

P/S: I want to let you know something :) When I launched Milena TV on April 1st I didn't expect its FB Page to gain 1000+ likes in 10 days. I also did not expect "21 Yoga Days" to be viewed 1500+ times (which means there are hundreds of you who practice with me!) 

In fact, I didn't expect anything much. Since I was small, I'd learnt from my dad to "Be generous". So I did what I felt called to do: to reach out, help, share what I know. I wanted to use the best medium to connect with you, so I chose video - though I'm super afraid of the camera. Can't believe we're a third of our journey. I've had so much fun. 

Thank you for sending me feedback and encouragement. They mean to me more than you think. 

Thank YOU for saying "Yes" (and "Hell Yes!") to my invitation. Thanks for joining me on this journey of self-love and holistic living. We have 14 days left, let's enjoy the ride.