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you are only 3 steps away from peace



My dear,

You've been through so much pain.

You're exhausted.

Now is the time

For healing.

Let in an inhale.

Let out an exhale.

Soft heart.

Rest your bones in the cradle of my love.

You are Here.

Step 1 - Begin with Acceptance

"I'm lost, exhausted, in pain. And it is okay."

Did you know that you create more pain by resisting the pain itself? 

Let me show you how to stop this painful cycle and drop the heavy weight in your heart. 

Step 2 - Release Struggle to Find Peace

"I resist nothing. I accept everything. I surrender." 

Let me guide you through a beautiful guided meditation.

So you can soothe your nervous system, ease emotional storm, and find the peace that is within you. 

Download the meditation below to carry with you - a tonic for your own healing.

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Step 3 - Learn the Lessons and Move on

"Why have you come into my life?" "What is your message for me?" 

Each pain and painful life event carries within a precious lesson that you're meant to learn. 

This is how the "school of life" works. 

The pain will show up again and again, until you finally learn your lesson. 

So let's uncover the lesson. 

And move on.

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remember who you are



you are worthy

simply because

you exist

remember who you are

a child of the Universe

eternally safe

infinitely loved

remember who you are

and forget the rest.