are you ready for the Leap?

Your next breakthrough in career and life is closer to you than you think.


It's Time to Take The LEAP. 

You are... 
- open minded
- mission-driven and heart-centered
- hungry for change
- understand the power of commitment
- yearn to create beauty in your life and in the world.    
And yet, you feel...
- stuck in your career
- unmotivated, "dead inside" because you're unable to contribute and grow to your highest potentials. 
What this description fits you, you need to make a change. The time is Now. 


LEAP is a 6-month intensive coaching program that helps driven women who're stuck and dead in their career to start following their passion while ensuring their highest chance to success.


The L.E.A.P Model

Life creation - create the right vision of your life and powerfully connect to it.

Emotional freedom - free from negativity and influences of others; start experiencing joy, love, peace.

Abundance - release negative unconscious beliefs about success and money, replace it with powerful beliefs; and choose the way to make a great living doing what you love.

Practices - install powerful daily practices to grow your awareness, strength, and wisdom - every single day.



The Powers of Coaching

- Be held accountable for taking bold actions.
- Get to your goals with less stress and frustration.
- A proven step-by-step system to learn exactly what works without overwhelming yourself.
- My real life experience in successfully building a great relationship, marriage, and career.
- My 8-year in-the-field experience and expertise in training, coaching, psychoanalyst, personal development, hypnotherapy, body-healing, emotional healing, art-therapy, etc.
- Avoid painful mistakes and save years of your life.
- Get honest, non-emotion based advice to any problems.


"The things that Milena and I work together lay down a concrete foundation for me to keep learning and appreciating life. Spiritually I grow, which turns out to be a grow in health and wealth. What I love about Milena's coaching is the combination of science-based methodology, customised practices, and personal experiences from her." 

- Hang Dinh, Vietnam

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