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If you're here, you're different from 90% of long-distance lovers out there.
You're reading the book. Now you want more materials! You're becoming a student in the art of love. I feel honored to be your guide in this journey. We'll have fun. And I promise that you'll get stronger every step of the way.

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Step-by-Step Workbook & Relocation Action-Map

Feeling a little overwhelmed by what needs to be done? Calm down, sister. 
Print out this Workbook (Love-book? ;D), grab a pen, make a cup of tea... And simply do one exercise at a time. 
It will feel like having me holding your hand all the way. 

Not knowing which step to take next to get to relocation & happy ending?  
 The Relocation Action-Map is made just for that! The complete flow-chart to help you chart the best course of action!

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3 Useful Tools for You and Him

Sometimes he's caring; sometimes he's not... Let's be honest. It sucks not knowing whether he's really into the relationship!  
➡ The Not-So-Serious Detection Checklist is coming to your rescue! 

Have you ever scratched your head not knowing what you can do with him to have more fun? 
➡ The Connection Boosters Collection has more than 20 fresh ideas for you to try out! 

Feeling worried about the cost of your next big trip? 
➡ The Easy Budget Tool will be your new bestie! 

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3 Practical & Soulful Trainings to Solve the Big Problems 

Want to take your "relationship education" to the next level?

Here are 3 wonderful online trainings - which I called LDR Works (because it can!)

➡ Training 1: Realize Mr. Right
A series of short & powerful training videos. I'll provide you with a step-by-step guide to review your couples compatibility and spot all the red flags that may signal your partner isn’t The One.

➡ Training 2: Meditation for Self-Love & Self-Esteem
A Free Guided Meditation experience to uplift your well-being and self-esteem. Let's see whether you'll fall in love with my voice and the music.  

➡ Training 3: Yoga for Calmness, Strength, and Self-love
A 21-day Yoga journey for complete beginners. Sweet & friendly yoga videos with me smiling all the way. Promise to help you feeling greater with each day! 

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