A Poem for Women Who're Waiting to Be Rescued


For many, many years, I didn't know how to be happy with myself. I felt insecure, lonely, depressed. So I hoped to be rescued by a man - a “Prince Charming” - jumping from one relationship to the next. That didn't end well….

I learned an important lesson, which I’ll share with you in this poem. 

This is a video of me performing this poem live for the very first time. 

The truth of a Fairy Tale

Once upon a time,
There was a princess  
Trapped in a tower
Guarded by a dragon. 
Day after day, night after night, 
The princess waited for her Prince Charming. 
He’d rescue her so she’d never be afraid. 
He’d rescue her so she’d never be alone. 
Happily Ever After - it was the only thing she ever wanted

And so she waited, and waited, and waited
Into the dark of a thousand nights, when,
From the crack between the cold stones, the tower spoke: 
“No one’s coming.
Nobody cares.
Who do you think you are?
Hoping for something as beautiful as love.”
In her despair, the princess begged: 
“Please, somebody comes!
Come to me.
Save me from my doom.” 
A crow landed on the windowsill. 
Through her tears, the princess mistook the crow for a Prince Charming. 
“Take me away with you,” she cries. 
But the crow’s wings could not carry her. 
The princess mistook the crow for a Prince Charming. 
And so she cried and cried and cried
And when the tears dried up, and the silence landed
She heard a whisper - not from the crack between the cold stones - but from the ancient well of her own heart.   
“There is no Prince Charming. 
There is no Prince Charming. 
There is no Prince Charming. 
But there are two feet that you can stand on, 
Two eyes that you can open,
And with your two hands, you can reach, and hold, and receive, and mend.
There is the earth beneath your feet
And the air that breathes your lungs.
And within you, 
There is
A brain that thinks, 
A heart that feels, 
A soul that knows. 
Trust the knowing. 
What does your soul know to do?  
Does it know to pick up a spear, slay the dragon, burn this tower, and run away?
Does it know to drop the dagger, train the dragon, plant some daisies, and make this tower a room of your own?
Open your eyes. 
You are not meant to be rescued. 
You are not meant to run away.  
The phoenix rises from the ashes of its death.
And this is the place where you’ll be reborn.
This is the place for you to learn a lesson, build a home, tell a story, harbor an adventure, 
To stop mistaking crow for Prince Charming. 
And to realize that you, my princess, 
Is the hero you have been waiting for. 


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