A soulmate connection doesn't exist only in fairy tale

In fact, the love of your life may be closer to you than you think.


You are... 
- open-minded and heart-centered
- love your freedom, care deeply about your career
- yearn for an intimate love relationship
And yet, you...
- afraid that the relationship may compromise your freedom and career
- broke your heart before and afraid it to happen again
- struggle with self-acceptance and self-love    

If this description fits you, The Soulmate Connection can change your life. 


The Soulmate Connection is a 6-month one-on-one coaching program that helps the heart-centered woman to
cultivate an authentic and liberating love relationship.


The 3 Love Dimensions Approach

The 3 Love Dimensions is a deep, holistic approach for you to create an authentic and liberating love relationship. Following this approach, you'll work on activating love in 3 areas: 

i) I Love Myself: cultivate unconditional, unending self-acceptance and self-love. You'll learn to change the unloving habits of how you think-feel-act towards yourself. You'll access the deep reservoir of love from within you. 

ii) I Love My Soulmate: attract the right partner into your life; develop an understanding of the male and female dynamics; make the right decision; learn the right couple skills and take the right actions to build a true love-relationship. 

iii) I Love My Life: bring harmony into your lifestyle and a sense of joy & purpose into your career. 


The Powers of Coaching

A coaching relationship is a life-changing relationship. I'm not here to be your friend, I'm here to help you move towards your dream with courage, ease, and power.

You will get the following benefits of working me as your coach: 

- Be held accountable for taking bold actions.
- Get to your goals with less stress and frustration.
- A proven step-by-step approach (The 3 Love Dimensions) to learn exactly what works without overwhelming yourself.
- My real life experience in successfully building a great relationship, marriage, and career.
- My 8-year in-the-field experience and expertise in training, coaching, psychoanalyst, personal development, hypnotherapy, body-healing, emotional healing, art-therapy, etc.
- Mindset: I’ll help you handle your limiting beliefs. I’ll help you become comfortable in feeling uncomfortable. I’ll help you master your mindset to bring out your authentic power.
- Avoid painful mistakes and save years of your life.
- Get honest, non-emotion based advice to your issues.
- Feedback: I have a reputation among my students that I never sugarcoat. I believe in your power, not your excuses. I'll give you feedback when you're off track. 


"I decided to join the programme and consider it a self-investment. I must say that I am so proud to be in the programme. The investment really pays off!
Milena was the light when I was in the dark tunnel. She shares with me the light but gives me enough space to do the journey on my own.
Her approach is simple yet so powerful. As a coach, she doesn’t give me lengthy theory but modifies the content based on my personal state.
She is very direct and open to sharing her own practical experiences. 
She has enlightened me about self-love which makes me feel endlessly fulfilled and empowered to actually live and thrive. 
If you are looking for a life-changing experience, I highly recommend you to work with Milena.
It’ll change your life forever." 

- Thanh Dang, Healthy Lifestyle Advocate, Yoga Teacher, Vietnam

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